Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to take an eye test an an approved optician shop. The optician shop will upload the eye test report to the traffic system. After that you can visit Index legal translation with the original license, Emirates ID and one photograph. Index will do the translation and open the driving file for you.

Yes, we do. You can visit our office with the original certificate and copy of your passport and we will do all the required attestations on your behalf so you can officially use the certificate.

If you are the company owner or an authorized signatory, you can give a power of attorney to one of your employees. We need a copy of the company economic license and Emirates IDs of the parties so that we can draft, translate and notarize it.

Yes, we are licensed by the UAE MOJ and our translations are approved and recognized before all authorities.

Yes, after translation you can convert your Ukrainian driving licence to a UAE one.

If your company has a branch in Abu Dhabi or if you have an attested tenancy contract in Abu Dhabi, you can apply in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, US driver’s license will be converted to a UAE driving license even if you have a different passport.

Yes, we can give an Arabic English MOA with legal translator stamp and we can get it notarized for you.

If you have a driving licence from your home country, you can apply for a golden chance driving license in Abu Dhabi. The first step is to do an eye test then you need Arabic translation of your foreign driving license. Index will do the translation, open the file for you so that you can apply for a golden chance.

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